Lookin at you, the world never knew
Bout me and you and how so comfortable
We laugh, we feel, our hearts concealed
Broke down to build this love so real

I grant your wish. You blow a kiss.
Our hearts dismiss all the loving we missed
The truth, no lies. Our hearts recognize
The look in our eyes. I'm so high I can't deny it

Being here with you the world it feels so new
Nothing to prove; and oh how natural
We talk, we kiss, moment of bliss
Hard to resist a touch like this

I took a charge and you blew my heart up
Knew it from the start, just didn't wanna give you up
My heart, my soul, this love so bold
Every little part of me feels chemistry
You blew my heart up

So warm like the sun, could it be that you're the one
From your charge I'm so high
My heart's open wide. Let's give it a try

Just you and me, no mystery
Are we meant to be for the whole world to see
The truth, no lies. No acting surprised
Look into my eyes. I'm so high I can't deny it
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Charge Lyrics

Carmen Rodgers – Charge Lyrics

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