I got Slayce Amiral in the studio with me
I drink some lean, vodka, coke huh beers
That's my life niggas yeah I hustle hard
If you have to talk, Geeked-Up Records my niggas
Always on my back

I'm blowin' off some smoke from that shit
I'm sippin' on some syrup with my niggas
I'm pickin' up some girls for the chill
That's what they see me do everyday

Covered totally in my bed in the morning
Count seconds for I wake up and I start yawnin'
Checkin' on my phone, got messages unresponded
Screen lights burn my eyes but I keep slidin'
My niggas bleepin' cause they got some news
Tense at that time, I got a little attitude
Bitches say they love me, so I love 'em too
Drowned into it daily, that shit ain't new
I leave the bed, walkin' deadly, doors ajar
Weird! The kitchen seem to be too far
Cause that's where the treasures are
I would pay couple servants to get me some
Go get me some
Then I have breakfast talkin' to my lovely mom

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2:]
Headin' to the bathroom to get cleaned up
Takes time to effect nigga you ain't know
Off the crib, showin' off as fuck, shades on
Sweatin' confidence, turn my swag on
Meetings with real niggas for some deal
Haters talkin' shit around, I don't give a shit for real
When fans see me, they straight get appealed
When haters see me, they straight disappear
Everyday everyday, that's what they see me do (x2)
Everyday (x4) that's what I'm about to
Grindin' and shinin', abilities of a dude

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3:]
I be ridin' for my niggas whatever it takes
I be grindin' for my fans till the day I flex
People say I'm way different but I got no complex
When my ex is callin', meaning that she urges for s**
So I pour some vodka in my cup cause that's a go
She thinks she got me, that's some shit that she ain't know
Real niggas by my side so I throw a deuce
Treez&Music, gur my team I salute
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Everyday Lyrics

Carlo Koosh – Everyday Lyrics

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