No one said it'll be perfect
No one knows it'll all work out in the end(

Could be high enough to fly,(
But not low enough to land
No map to tell you where to go(
No fool-proof plan(
You could look people in the eye, (
Ell them where to stand(
But when it all comes down((

We're all black and blue
We're black and blue((

Wish on a star for higher truth
Then ask your pillow what to do(

Just draw another line,
And everything will be just fine
Swear off today,
Because everything didn't go your way
You could look me in the eye,
Tell me where you stand(
But when you're all stripped down(

You're just black and blue
You're black and blue((

Hush, hush
Hush, hush now(
Hush, hush(
Hush, hush(
Hush, hush now

It's only a bruise(
Only a bruise((

Maybe it'll be perfect(
Maybe it'll all work out in the end
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Black & Blue Lyrics

Carlie De Boer – Black & Blue Lyrics

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