Strike with the force of tsunami waves
The very day Japan was struck by harp hard, heart of the land
I went from rumbling on trains with Dominican gangs
To tapping into greater waves from the core within my brain
From E. N. J. Drinking, to D. N. A. Tweaking
Now I got heat for you weaklings
Gods cower when Anubis is speaking
It all unfolds at our 2-4 corner store
Me and my paladins chilling, reminiscing on past wars
Were we think, drink, and ponder existence
I wonder if the ancients for saw the danger in premonitions
Niggas dying left and right on my side of town, hear them fired rounds?
You can feel the pain of mother who just lost her child
Smoking packs of loud, tryna' use my rationale
Asking myself wow, why these younger niggas be acting out
Some people use slavery as justification
Willie Lynch and Jim Crow while others seem to blame masons
It's so amazing, same token it aches me
When I reminisce on fallen comrades
Who couldn't make it to see the shift of ages
Ready for revelations?, I sit on my balcony in meditation
Vision to the sky as I'm patiently waiting
Me and my pale horse behold to what the future holds
Armageddon or 4th dimension, only God knows

[Verse 2:]
Step to this and get tombstoned, I cactus jack whack rappers
And have 'em prematurely wrapped up in tombs though
Army jackets, strapped hard to the core, ready for war
I guess I still carry the heart of a moor
Angels bow in the auditorium when I'm performing
Women get wood by the historian
Valedictorian, of these old Bronx blocks
Where we chilled and got low from the cops
In the tenements, getting hella-bent
Malcolm X will probably turn in his grave
If he'd see the shit we represent
But yeah I'm older now, I see everything in perspective
When I'm making recollections of moments when it was hectic
The darkside, somehow I managed to side-step it
Could've fell victim like Vader did, but my minds a weapon
Save the lost with a timeless essence
Babe Ruth's spirit gave me his bat to beat false prophets to death with
Bulls eye to the cranium of the blind
Bulls eye to Nagasaki, Afghanistan and Dubai
It was written by the elder ancestors that came from the sky
Now picture me taking all of this info in as a child
The Stone Henge, a gateway from here to a distant time
Bermuda Triangle, niggas end up list in these lines
All the worlds mysteries in a nut shell, I held inside
Hieroglyphics predicted it, read 'em with an open mind
All these story's foretold which modern science denied
It's happening now, proof true indeed truth will survive

Bucket hats in the summer, ski mask in the winter
Catch a jux in July, won't be home till November
These things you vividly remember
Pops held a fire breathing dragon automatic in his army jacket
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The 11th Channel Lyrics

Carl Sherron – The 11th Channel Lyrics

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