And so when I returned I came to find,
The words I had once inscribed had now faded.
Barely readable now, were the numbers.
Sixteen, Three, Zero, Eight.
Then with the key in hand, I carved a new line.

The setting sun hits home the truth and all these images,
Burnt into my mind, won't let me sleep tonight.
So I wait for the sunrise, one more time.
All these images...
Two bodies and a yellow cross strewn inside a black circle.
The pale skin on a garden cavas.
Staring into the sun, I thought we'd stay the same.

Then I turned, and walked.
Keyed the ignition,
And as I drove my numb mind recalled...
All the wrong reasons, in all the right places.
And how this could have gone either way.
I can't say I was never wrong, but this is down to both of us.
And this silence has gone on for too long.

So look at me, into my eyes and tell me I am heartless.
You know I am not that person.
And I know that we can change all of this,
So I'll wait until sunrise, one more time.
I'll wait, I'll wait for you...
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Staring Into The Sun Lyrics

Carcer City – Staring Into The Sun Lyrics