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Wolftrap And Fireflies Lyrics

Carbon Leaf – Wolftrap And Fireflies Lyrics

Transport me and quarantine
This feeling that is seldom scene
I'm curious and fevers peaked
Delirious with this mystique
Soaked in a blanket's warm
Ember glow
Freer now than I've ever know
I dance the fire with a crazy glaze
And juxtapose to coin this haze
Wolftrap and Fireflies
What does it mean?
Oh, the image sticks like glue to me
Is this to make some sense
Some evening
Quiet with a candle. Cheat to bring them near
Oh, silent, I the hunter, til the answers clear
I tried hard to peg this feel
The catch proved much too big to reel
You blink, you miss and bliss is dead
Playing spotlight with my head
Pop up unannounced, take aim
Snap the traps (and start again)
Quill-dip and adjustaprose
Snap-shot record what image glows
I know their eyes follow me
Track my prints, encircle me
Taste. Touch. Smell. Sight. Sound
Eyes look up, ears to the ground
Soaked in a blanket's warm ebb and flow
Freer now? I just don't know
Slate-gray sky meets musty green
Can you smell the mossy world machine?
Cunning and and endangered
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