I like when we talk about my future in your kitchen for hours till I end up dizzy, passing out right on your floor. We speak in different tongues and drink on different playing fields. Offer me another one, just so that I know it's real.

I like these guys, they're alright.

I like when we smoke on your back porch and then we go inside, it's comforting to know that I'm alive with you and we're alright. Cut me off or let me stay, I'd like to think you wouldn't mind. My house is not that far away, so it's ok, I'll walk this time.

I like these guys, they're alright.

The nights we have will never be much like the ones we used to see on Manse Hill. Forget your life, forget the times you've wasted. You're wasted.
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Manse Hill Lyrics

Car School – Manse Hill Lyrics

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