I. We’ve been through a lot of
We’ve been through a lot of pains
But we’ve made it coz of our friendships
Yeah. We’ve made it and won this game

Ii. The game of life to overcome
Different hurricanes that block our way
We’re so firm that we passed them
We have paved our own kind of way

Whoah oh oh oh hand in hand we
Whoah oh oh oh hand in hand we’ll

Our time has come to reach our dreams
To explore the world, to see what it seems
To prove to you and to everyone
On a quest we will embark
The courage, the love, the spirit
We’ll treasure them forever
Coz we’ll be the captains of our own ship
And We Refuse to Sink.

Iii. Tears and laughter’s, everything we’ve
Will remain carved in our hearts
The affection and the memories
Will never make us feel apart

Iv. Through the waves and the through
The storms
The winds and the turmoil’s
An Anchor we had finally found
A steadfast love from the people around.

Refrain 2
Whoah oh oh oh a million thanks to all of
Whoah oh oh oh you’ll always be in our


The times we’ve been naughty
We’ve been crazy, we’ve been silly... Will
Never fade in our memory
The times we’ve been happy
We’ve seen glory, we’ve got victory... Will
Never fade in our memory
Coz we admit, we will be, we will be, sisters
For life...

(Refrain 1 and Chorus)

Our times has come to bid goodbye
To go on our separate ways.
Coz we’ll be the Captains of our own ships
And we will Sail Away
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We Refuse To Sink Lyrics

CapTENs – We Refuse To Sink Lyrics

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