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Swing Your Kami Sword Lyrics

Captain, We're Sinking – Swing Your Kami Sword Lyrics

Casting illusions of self esteem
Covered in cancer-ridden walls
Tighten your grip until your fingers break
A deep breath before the fall

Call out the words etched on our graves
But ignore the writing on your wall
I want you to watch me watch you fall
And I think you want the same thing too

And if you want honesty
So they'll take me from my home
In the middle of the night
While my children watch in fear
Well as I'm begging for my life
Out here the gravity is nothing
The price of living on your own
I'll watch you burn down a factory
While I burn out my home alone

Well in my dreams
I start laughing
At the fact that you've forgotten me

If you want honesty
This is all you'll get from me
If you want tragedy
This is all you'll get from me
Well this is it

Actions tell the story from beginning to end
Your vision blurs and the lines they cross
Is it laziness or writer's block?
Patience and procrastination don't mean the same
Until you're on a deadline counting out your failures
In the eyes of the ones you trust

They'll cut you down (x8)

They'll chew you up
They'll spit you out
Forget your name and they'll cut you

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