You try to repair what's been said
By spitting out everything
All of it out of your head
But it don't fix shit

Your intentions were never this harsh
But how wrong it turned out
When you finally came out
And put words to your trapped up thoughts

And now they're all
Staring at you
With a gaze
Colder than avalanche itself

You never abandoned yourself
You stuck with it, fought for it
But now it's all gone to waste
Cause it don't mean shit

"We're special, we do what we want"
Well that's only bullshit
We choose to obtain
When nothing is special 'bout us

And now they're all
Judging you
Piercing your skin

The more they know
The more they'll grow
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Pandora's Box Lyrics

Captain Longshot – Pandora's Box Lyrics

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