Mr Clarkson do you wanna be lovers?
I said under the covers she said no lie with me under
This tree it's a weeping willow do you know what that
Means? Darling take me by the hand and out to the flowers
You know I loved you before we met.
I love you forever cos you light up the room you know
I love you do you still love me too?

He says top of the morning now sit yourself down where
The aspens quiver and the larks play fowl.
The knuckle men they should shelter beneath the barley
Sheaves and the star crossed squeeze of the heart broken
Members embraced in the embers of the fires of nergal.
Contery to all their rumours he held her in his arm.
Further down the path as we approached the lake a chorus
Of merrows they were signing our song all love should
Die in a blink of an eye they sang quietly then softer
Yet sustaining their warmth.
She looked at me and cried is this really goodbye and
Said go with the flow but please don't you cry meanwhile
In the distance a kelpie it lurked looking slightly
Augmented and having a toke.

We walked down past the Bodach as he lay on the bank
Past the washer woman who was reading Jack Kerouac
Singing a song to the soon to be dead "COVER YOUR EARS
GIRL COVER THEM NOW" her signing it was out of tune
But so lovely I wish that we could stay here forever
She said softly tell me where did you go wrong why
You left me all those years ago why did you do it?
You remind me of a shelly coat cos you took my dreams
And you stole all my money united in our quest we sang
Soliloquies and songs by the Beatles in my defence
I was younger and you struck me down with you merrowesque
Wrath and your hunger. I need you, come home

The horse man brayed as he trailed the broke taking
Nix form smiled and he whistled and took a long deep
Breath to the soon to be his she looked at me and cried
Is this really it. She looked like a merrow all beautiful
But grey the horse sighed as he beckoned us in to the
Deep dark lock she begin to cry I feel like a forma
All hopeless and tired. Past the catkins screams and
The peach leaf willows her cries they echoed for hours
And hours sad in their tones but expecting her fait
Hand in hand she walked right into my nape. I love. I need you. Come Home
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Merrow Song Lyrics

Captain Dangerous – Merrow Song Lyrics

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