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Revenge (Feat. Timbo King, Masta Killa) Lyrics

Cappadonna – Revenge (Feat. Timbo King, Masta Killa) Lyrics

If it's possible I'll step in your obstacles
Oh shit you better watch out for this
Revenge so sweet that you might wanna flip
Ride on your enemies, bust they shit
Throw away the pistols throw away the clips
Big grits, big ox snatch ice at Woodstock
Remember those kids that hold cries they runnin fast
Crack spillin out they sides
It's the Hill brothers that kill
And raps on a blue trap water bugs nothin but thugs
Cops circlin, two cuts on shorty mugged
Streets turn by the flyest of bug
It's switch the e-shit fucker
I take rhymes like a piss
Eat the beats like tuna fish
Stay focussed, your camp is dead meat and drop worms
Wu-Tang is up on it too big to back down
Defeat never heard of I came with the crowd merger
The super friends seek that revenge
Bout to fuck out, you kiss girls on the mouth
Over here all of my niggas is bout bout
[Timbo King]
Call me straight up oak y'all niggas just plain panel
Guns from my Ceridoor ask mic ammo
Cross fire, bullets racashe horizontal
Brooklyn bridge pharazano niggas know the motto
Follow the path, knowledge the craft
Swallow a whole bottle of math
Since biology class
Grand achery, bow and arrow split your grand largely
Afro in ya heads, robin hoods drop goods in these wild lands
A desert eagle in a child's hands
Your style's planned, my styles blend earth, wind, fire, water
You never know my son might fuck Mariah's daughter
Ill visions of victory without a battle
Breathes through tracks like cold winds towards Seattle
Sound travels through fiber optics under gravel
Combinating six sixty and they try to handle
Niggas try to handle
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