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Hustle And Flow Lyrics

Cappadonna – Hustle And Flow Lyrics

I, am, hustle & flow
I do whatever I do to get that dough
Used to sell tour raps at the 1-6-Oh
Got caught with the raps up under my coat
Feds locked me up, on the Staten Island Ferry Boat
Alot of niggas used to stuff they raps with soap
Yo, I hustle all the time like I'm pushing the dope
Got rap like an E pill, rap ecstasy
Yo, the rap shit, kinda like sex to me
When I bust one nut on the M-I-C
Hustle for the neck nut, never hustle for free
Yo, I flow with the hustle when I spit my G
Aiyo, I, am, hustle & flow
I'm a hustler, hustle mad rap with GZA
We shoot you with that shit, that make you shiver
Fiends line up, flows that attack the liver
Suffocating in your vein like dirt in the river
Nigga taught Cap rap, that broke the cow's back
You high all night like where those dudes at?
Narco's on our tail, running fast in the building trynna block our sale
We got raps coming out our ass
Hustle and flow, nigga, rap in a stash
Bring those bottles back, get that cash
Rap re-up, two get a nigga three up
Hustle all night, baseheads still be up
Staten Africa, niggas catch malaria
Raps stuffed in my sock, watch out nigga
Yeah, he's the carrier
I, am, hustle & flow
I do whatever I do to get that dough
I, am, hustle & flow
I do whatever I do to get that dough
Sell rap under the trees, in the Congo
Some Puerto Rican stashed rap in the bongo
Don Kaneesh, sell raps, take the risk
I got lawyer, track down all my shit
So just in case you wanna cop more heavy
None of ya'll rappers don't have to worry
Cause I'm good with the hustle and my flows is crack
Yeah, I'm talking bout rap, jeans, hoodies & Nikes
I see the pigs coming when they flash the lights
Now get dough, I am hustle & flow
I, am, hustle & flow
Aiyo, hustle everywhere, hustle rap like ki's
Anywhere I hustle my rap, I watch for D's
Dickhead niggas try to bite my steeze
Stop trying to sell your raps around my blocks
Yo, your shit sound garbage and you making it hot
You ain't hip hop, nigga, ya'll rap is pop
Yo, my flow so good, I might get me a spot
Niggas don't want me to come up, the hustle is lethal
I sell it to the kids, I love the people
My shit sound crack like cooked up blow
I told ya'll, I am hustle & flow
I, am, hustle & flow
I, am, hustle & flow
Hustle my raps, kid, everywhere I go
I, am, hustle & flow
Do whatever I do, to get that dough, holla
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