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Broken Glass Lyrics

Cappadonna – Broken Glass Lyrics

[Intro: Cappadonna]
Shake 'em... post up.. (move... yeah)
Hold that nigga..

It's like a snake bites the flesh, I damage and leave the poison
Ruckus in the Square, it's me who brought the noise in
The vocab killa, usin' my words like matches
Settin' fire to the jam like Backdraft & Hellfire
Latches, start to unlock when I rock
You with the ready rock, hip hop feels the block
You can't stop, bouncin' and movin'
Cuz I walk these dogs like I'm righteous
Buildin' in the cypher with twelve Gods
People from all over flood the street like cars
To hear the drama, who's that spectucular rhymer?
It's me: C-A-P-P-A, D, double E
Cappadon' brings the shit from cross the sea
With the laid back style that pump inside the Porsche
If this was the Olympics, I be holdin' the torch
With the phat golden 'dallion hangin' down from my neck
We the slang prostitution get the dookie respect

[Interlude: Cappadonna]
Yeah, talkin' bout, get that money up
Birth of Don'... what up Rae? What up Ghost?
Look at this..

I'm a lyrical arson, my technique is awesome
Verbal murderer darts and suttle the beat metamorphis
Step into my office, I torch this, for chips I cost this
More hits, no water hits, unrecord this
I swing a sword quick, original Don' for hire
I attack microphones and set 'em on fire
Welcome to my environment of I'll vocal attire
Pass the wire, it's the twelve o'clock rock
That makes the hip hop beats, dart armanilla
Straight Killa Hilla, ol' school joints and Miller
Baggy jeans, the gun-gums vest in the dumb-dumbs
Come on my team pick corns and we rump-a-pump-pump
Coins, and we dumb-dumbs be Donna Goines and my niggas
No feds, easy on the pictures (come on now)
Watch everything and search those bitches

[Outro: Cappadonna]
See you, word up
We don't get no prop-love
Come on, can I say it?
Pass the tape, get the fuck up
What, what, Homicide, S.I
What, baby? The hustle... come on
Surrender! Move, haha, grab 'em, what's really good?
You fuckin' faggots!
I tried to tell ya niggas, we won't be opressed no more..
We ain't takin' it, nigga, this shit is real!
This album right here is called "The Struggle"
Don't forget! It's my fuckin' word..
2003, slash, Code:Red, nigga! *three gun shots*
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Songwriters: D. Hill, Levi Connor
Broken Glass lyrics © BMG Rights Management

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