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All My Niggas Lyrics

Capo – All My Niggas Lyrics

[Intro: Dj Khaled]
Your bitch screaming "AVL", and "We The best"
Bitch they screaming "MMG" and "Coke Boys"
You know what the fuck it is, this record right here is featuring French Montana (Han), Rick Ross and Capo
This shit is going to fuck the clubs up and fuck the streets up, you know what it man
This mixtape is for the street, can't leave the streets

[Hook: French Montana]
(Han)All my niggas sell dope (Got that work nigga), bringing in them truck loads (Yeah)
Breaking down them kilo (Woo), being a pro you bet the streets know

All my niggas, all my niggas, I'm talking about
All my niggas, all my niggas, I'm talking about

[Verse 1: Capo]
All my niggas sell dope, I play El Chapo
Caught my first hundred bricks, they call me Capo
Got about a hundred sticks, shut down the block though
Take it back to 06', where we re-rock coke
Whole bunch of Haitians, under investigation
Wired taps, recorded conversations
I'm selling dope, My dog selling dope
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