Juli* Ecaro harmonizes throughout Chorus no, actual verses performed This

for you girl you, know I love you Baby

2X Canibus]: I'm
so into you I
wanna do so many things to you I
can't talk without mentionin you And
let me tell you what I think of you [Canibus]

my, name is none, of your business let, me tell you why I love her She
hot when she in front but she stand behind a brother She
wiggle her, booty jiggle my, finger spreads her middle a little Let
me see what I might wanna get into I
always empower her tell, her that I'm proud of her Show
her I don't wanna make no housewife outta her Sprinkle
her with compliments but, I never shower her That's
the last thing I would do cause, I value love She
give me ounces of love let, me bounce the bum And
when she call my name I, come/cum If
I front she raise up we, fuss fight and break up Then
wake up in the Bahamas after we done made up She
know my psychological make-up I'm
therapeutic with the broad we, keep it raw when we make love And
can't nothin change the trust we have Wherever
we are we, think about the moments and laugh because, [Chorus]


I was on tour I, held the elevator for this broad in the lobby Seen
her later on in the bar she, sat beside me Said
the guy at the front desk recognized me And
told her all about me She...
said I heard you're a rapper career, in the crapper I
know you want some ass you, probably won't give no cash up You
should fill my glass up tell, me 'bout your bad luck And
if I feel sorry enough I'll, give you the sad fuck I
had to laugh put, my hand on my gut I
told her I'd let her have the next grand that I touched Walked
back to the elevator with my hand on her butt To
the bed with the camera in front (MONEY SHOT) cut I!
hopped up and blazed one Yo
the room and tax is paid hun stay, as long as you want I'll
be back in a hour she, said that's what they all say I
know ma I've, been sayin that all day [Chorus]


valet don't remember nothin he, didn't leave the engine runnin I
jump in don't, bless him with nothin Call
up this other ma she, remember I'm comin I
told her I'ma cook but, I'ma just pick up somethin The
fireplace runnin she, layin on her stomach Nasty
english all in her muffin she, love it She
giggle her, booty jiggle my, finger spreads her middle a little Let
me see what I'ma get into again I
told her I don't really like to come through her block Cause
the blueberry drop attract too many cops Girls
hop in the drop take, off they top my, belt buckle pop They
know that I'm hot can't, tell me I'm not They
surrounded the car six, cops I
was holdin up traffic for six blocks they, put me in the shitbox Look
at you now I, can't even come through your spot And
it's messin with my mind cause, I loved you a lot [Chorus]
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So Into You Lyrics

Canibus – So Into You Lyrics