I could try just to write you a song,

To explain all the things I've done wrong,
And when my thoughts have been expressed,
Supposedly I'll move on.
But now I don't feel okay,
And I'm left here with nothing to say,
There's more to thoughts than being said,
For the hurt to go away.
And I don't know what to say,
But this sleepless night can't be here to stay,
So pray for me I'll be okay,
This sleepless night will turn to day,
And though I haven't found the cure,
There is one thing I know for sure,
That even though my hurt runs deep,
And though the pain won't let me sleep,
I know the one who knows the way,
To make it through this sleepless night today.

I'll put it all in the past,
Make the change, I know it'll last,
Put all my eggs inside the basket,
And count them before they hatch.
I don't care what others think,
I'll look ahead, I won't even blink,
I'll make the mistakes that others did,
Cause it's water under my bridge
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Sleepless Night Lyrics

Caney Creek Heroes – Sleepless Night Lyrics

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