Straight to the point
At a half past five
Last thing on my mind
Was trying to wine and dine
Another heiny

Shoot, you could
Just knock those boots

What you see is what you get
And, baby, let me tell you
You ain't seen nothing yet

Watch your funky
Tip on my eyebrow
I wanna give your hip
Lotta pop now

How about a drink
Do you think we could
Spend a little time
Your place or mine

You're so fine
Do you mind a little kiss on
The hand from the Candyman

And as we dance, by any chance
Could I have your number
Sometimes I wonder
What it would be like
Spending the night, fooling around
So lemme see your nightgown

Na na na na...

A sexy little girl like you
Needs a man like me
Cause I can't stand to see
A pretty young thing like you
Just going to waste right
In front of my face

What irritates me the most
Is when you're close
You just boast or brag
Out all the men you had
No one comes close

But it always starts like?
Wants to get it, forget it
The minute they done their step
Out of my pad and all I'm
Left with is a bad rep

Her mouth was running like
I left it coming to me
Do you wanna watch TV
Or do you wanna see the town
I wanna see your nightgown

Na na na na...

Crept into the bedroom
I was feeling kind of faint
Maybe it was something you ate
That was a break as she
Bought it like it was on sale
And it never fails

It was getting late
So I figured that she
Wouldn't even bother me
But she treated me properly

Took the shoes
From off of my feet
Pulled down the sheets
I could feel the heat

From the fireplace
Burning in the living room
Knowing that she would
Give in soon

Much to my surprise
When I tried, she
Provided the leadway
This is no he say or she say

When I say to you, it's on
I mean like Donkey Kong
Til the break of dawn

Didn't take long til I
Heard that familiar sound
(Ahh) I finally saw her nightgown

Na na na na...
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Nightgown Lyrics

Candyman – Nightgown Lyrics