Verse One:
I hear you've been talkin' so much about me
But you've got nothing good to say
I've heard you wanna live without me
And you're ready to throw our love away

Lead In:
Well I've read this book before
And quite frankly it's a bore
Why should I wait around and be blue?

Give me some bad news (bad news)
Tell me you're gonna break my heart
'Cuz it would really make me happy if we broke apart

Yeah, give me some bad news (bad news)
Come on give it your best shot
If you break up with me baby it would mean a lot
Yeah give me some bad, bad, bad news, bad news

Verse Two:
I can't believe you think I'd be crying
Baby we're better off this way
There's really no point in you and me denying
We'd be better off calling it quits today

(Repeat Lead In)
(Repeat Chorus)

Bridge Rap:
Lick the blood from the blade
That you pulled from my heart
Smile on your face as we depart
Does it make you pleased to make me hurt?
Rubbin' my pretty face in the dirt
Go ahead and give it your best shot
Let's see what kind of ammo you got!
Let's not, not, not reminisce
Come on, let's do this!

(Repeat Chorus)
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Bad News Lyrics

Candy Apple Blue – Bad News Lyrics