A hymn for the praise of the setting sun
In ancient egypt my home
Child of Horus catch the morningstar
To the Elysian fields we will go
The god at the top of the staircase
The usurper that weighs our hearts
In your court I deliver my soul
To be coming forth by day
North, south, east and west
My bones lay all around
My shadow will soon get rest
To higher ground I'll be bound
In the temple of the dead
In the temple of the dead
I am the moongod who dwelleth among the dead
I shall not perish in heaven or on earth
I've cleft the horizon, I've passed through the underworld
I have divided the heavens and scattered the gloom of night
To sail the northern heaven
With the sacred eye of stars
The white crown I bear forever
The immortality of my soul
In the temple of the dead
In the temple of the dead
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Temple Of The Dead Lyrics

Candlemass – Temple Of The Dead Lyrics

Songwriters: LEIF EDLING
Temple Of The Dead lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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