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Just So You Know Lyrics

Candice Sand – Just So You Know Lyrics

Verse 1:
We’re so close
And I’m not ready to give up yet
I’m thinking
I don’t want I don’t want to be kicking myself
I don’t want I don’t want to regret it

Verse 2:
Lying in the dark
You’re beside me but so far away
Hope you can’t hear me crying
I don’t know I don’t know if you’re already sleeping You don’t
Know you don’t know that I’m still awake

I can’t let my guard down
If you won’t let your guard down
All the chaos in your head makes it so
You don’t know
What this could be cause
You can't receive love
That’s why I can’t say “I love you”
Just so you know

Verse 3:
I... just try to focus on the good stuff
Ignoring all the things against us
When you’re not when you’re not right here with me well you’re not
Well you’re not ever really

Verse 4:
I tell myself
That dark cloud will stop following you
It’s hanging over your head
And I know and I know it’s casting it’s shadow
You don’t know you don’t know that it's over me too


Truth is it’s obvious
It’s written on my face
In the way I greet you
Every time I see you
It’s in the warmth of my hands
Read the kiss on my lips
When I reach out for you
I can’t say it but I do

Chorus (2x): out
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