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Keep Rising Lyrics

Cam'ron – Keep Rising Lyrics

Uh, where all my slimes in the back, back puts your hands up,
Where you at, at let em know we gonna clack, clack


Money out of violence of drugs of course vado be that thug you called.

1st verse

If I aint the nigga then who is?
As I stare in the mirror he tells me you is

Go hard like a single mother with 2 kids

Keep the operation smooth just paid a few pigs.

Streets talking I'm listening

Fien try to apporach you keep walking with bitching

They try to coach when things smoke you fixing it

Do what your suppose to barrel pot on your kitchen shit

Balls zipping they dieded offical prize winner getting realer

Stater buy a state and surprise niggas long silk road fly zippers divide

Trippers an acrobat with the kid made you a pod flipper b4 you gossip boys

I slang cash heavy amount the swiss account be the
Bank stash, will my game last


It's like a plane crash your thing dash hundred stash like heres my name tag



This money will never stop stop will it slow down it's
Not not keep rising to the top

Show you how to make a rock rock hand me a stove and go pop pop

2nd verse

Uh niggas make it rain he said thunder drop my back
Under already got shot once

He left the connect number from the docs to the blocks
He did numbers 9499 hot he did


They had a bathrope but that aint bad though

Money was awlays there he use to say he had mad doe

Fuck you pay me while he sat with his hat low with
2 goons... go down and they gat

Blow (wo)

I aint asking I aint presiing just have a smooth sit
Down bosses with no weapons

Champange chanderlier answering all questions your
Man stand there in case somebody

Try to step in you try reppin you claim what raise
Up hit em 5 times in the same month

Days up little bit of change is what the game want
Aint up sleeping while you dead you

Need to wake up wake up


(Chorus) repeat

3rd verse

Uh look at me now west side claimng my hoody brown
Shorty stood around acting like

The boogie down pull a pound out the trunk with boxes
Full of rounds clear it out with

The pump I bet that don't make a sound man down stip
Him tell em to give it water like the

Pacific they got it then be specific doging then go
Ballistics while toting guns off in

Prison memebrs of dodges was whipping maserati was driven

(Repeat chorus)
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