(featuring Hell Rell)

This is A remix (remix)
Killa cam (Killa Cam!)
Featuring Hell Rell (Ruger Rell!)
Let's do it..... It's nothing, remix!!!!!!!!

Cash in the sweat socks, check the sweats pocks
Got a knot in there the size of a X-Box
Yall niggaz bet' not, headshot, "red dot"
These chicks are "Betty & Wilma", hear me? Make they "Bed-rock"
"Get Em Girl", my half-black-and-Italian wifey
Rocks all colors brotha', my Italian icey
I say "Get Em Girl", her diamonds out a diamond mine
Ion even like to rhyme, love, but love this life of mine!
Glare at the gems, yes stare at em' friend
Take a good look, cause I swear, I won't wear 'em again
These are "one time wear", earrings are one-time pair
One time for "one time", damn look how one time stares
Space in Baltimore, place the order
Replace the quarter y'all, these fiends are chasin' waterfalls!!!
Here's a O of somethin', bro' ya so disgusted
Yes ya older buzzen's #1, no discussion!
And you know I'm stuntin', I got it all.....
Crack, Coke, Dope, Sizzurp...... "Robittusin"
The blam' blammer with Santana, leave Cam alone
For this man jam ya, scram ya damn camera phone
Bout to introduce his ass to the "hammer-phone"...
Smash not, smile holmes, dial-tone....... Flatline!
Gun in his mouth, call that the "chat line"
Bought my niggaz watches, that's how we "pass time"

[Hell Rell: hook]
Where the llamas at, the squealers... It's nothiiiiin
A few ferrari's out the dealer.... It's nothiiiiin
Man it's so easy to killa, it's nothiiiiin
Y'all already know how the dipset does it, buzzen......
Things moving on the block..... It's nothiiiin
Another home A new yacht..... It's nothiiiiin
They frontin we not but it's nothiiiiin
Y'all already know how the dipset does it, buzzen.....

Yo Rell I got a body in the trunk (why?)
Ain't no coke, papi in a slump.....
And I'm cocky with the pump, and the shotty, Kamikaze
Body after body chump!, y'all prolly gettin jumped, I'm in the lobby gettin drunk
And the weed produce a foul odour
Thou sober, papi calls, "drought over"
Owe [him] 28, old school, I top mine, cop mine
[Once] the block fine, "Yahtzee", Yacht time!
I polly with Molly, ask mommy if Sherri could
Come to the crib, I live in Halle Berry hood
Floors marble, cabnets Cherrywood
Dishes "Gem-Star", in other words very good..
Speaking of good, I'm good with the semi
Blow wood with the Henny/in the "hood like a Hemi" nigga!
Ya too feminin', took over 2 tenaments, with
Cookies & Cakes, the brand new Entemenns
We truly gentlemen, since I had the Grey Goose
Now I mix Grey Goose with Sizzurp, we gremblins!
Cause of cake mix, 10 homes, 8 whips
But the 8 whips I'm bout to trade for a spaceship!
Call me nasa man, insides plasma fam
I got a warrant? I'm in orbit, come after Cam!
You gotta adore it, I explore it, just like Dora
Take the order, gift-wrap it... "Bora Bora"

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It's Nothin' (Remix) Lyrics

Cam'ron – It's Nothin' (Remix) Lyrics