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No Love Lyrics

Camoflauge – No Love Lyrics

Livin in the ghetto ain't nothin nice
over dollar bets and dice niggas lose they life
ain't that shife
but shit that's how the ghetto is
my uncle just got out served the whole 10 year bid
little kids in the ghetto wit no shoes on
goin to they friends house cause momma ain't got no food at home
and they say that ???
I felt UGK when they said one day you here and the next you gone
this here for Mo man Sticky Wood and Zach
can't forget about Shorty my cousin Maurice Tel Fair and Black
ain't gonna bring em back
slangin crack to eat
sippin yay and blowin sweets
jackin D-boy for they ain't gonna try to get on our feet
now that's deep
nah dawg that's just the way it is
its too late to save us but we gotta save these kids
I got niggas in the pen who ain't never comin home
and I got niggas in the cemetery layin alone

cause ain't no love in the ghetto (ain't no love in the ghetto)
it ain't nothin but pain (ain't no love in the ghetto)
I drink henn and blow jane (ain't no love in the ghetto)
to keep from goin insane (ain't no love in the ghetto)

So much drama my own momma think I'm crazy
I give her a hug and a kiss and tell her to pray for her baby
cause when I walk out this door I don't know if I'm comin back
cause these days people kill over crack
you feel that
these streets ain't safe man I ain't tellin no lie
look at the news and you can see it wit your own 2 eyes
these ghetto wars and these ghetto stars
got young niggas behind bars
prayin to the lord
dear lord could you help me in this situation
niggas pull them shakes and other niggas bleed like they menestratin
incarceration, playa hatin, money, hoes, drugs
be the 5 reasons that we lose so many young thugs
fightin in clubs
killin each other over drugs
and sometimes niggas lose they life just because
so what
we gota try to make a change
rearrange the game
take the strain off my mother fuckin brain


These ghetto blocks be heated
and these glocks be needed
to try to deal wit the stress
daddy I'm drunk and weeded
my cousin locked up in a fed camp
and they done cut his baby momma off for food stamps
cause ain't no love it
just crimes and drugs in it
guns and thugs in it
out there tryna get it
they say that money is the root of all evil
but the root of all evil is the only thing that feedin my people
drug deals goin sour
niggas takin blood showers
rather have money and power
than to live like a coward
so we hustle
gotta use our mind work out muscle
try to make it through this mother fuckin struggle
because the life we live is oh so crazy and shady
our ladies havin abortions and they killin our babies
but I can't blame em
that no good nigga done left
told lies to get between them thighs no he ain't there
ain't no love

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