I'm in a van and you're holding my hand
You are traveling with me through forests and sands
I've been innocently learning your language
And you've been taking full advantage
Haven't you?
Oh, don't say it's true

I lost a friend I'm the saddest again
And we kissed once
Hey, but that was in lust
And I know you need more than given moments
And sentimental sorrys and words only spoken seem lame
And I won't win your heart that way

Oh, it feels like none of this is real
I'll pretend that my heart and my head are well
But if the blood
Pumping through my veins could freeze
Like the river in Toronto then I'd be pleased
You said I made you feel warm
You said I made you feel warm inside

If the blood
Could freeze
I'd be pleased
I'd be pleased
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Forests And Sands Lyrics

Camera Obscura – Forests And Sands Lyrics

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