Say they ride till the wheels fall
Try to keep me away from her
Cause you know my grind so hard
She the only one I did since day one

Work is Bae
Can't no hoe stop my guap tell em that
Work is bae

Dont fuk with my chips
I gotten get these bricks
Gotta keep a 9 on my hip
Ill die die trying or get Ill get rich

Keep a kilo in the low lo
I been on my shit since day one
Swear won't no one keep me from eating
I just sold a whole damn p to some niggas that I don't even know
Hope the police don't come knocking on my door hope the police don't come
Knockn cause I know the feds is watching they just want my time cause Im
Trying to get mine
And she the only one I did

Lil Nate:
All work no play smoked a whole OZ to the face
Married to the game yea that's my bae
Never love a hoe learned that from big Nate
Sold a bitch a dream while she was wide awake
Hustle all day same jeans for seven days
Keep it on me cause haters might get brave
And I get amnesia when cops ask for name
No time to waist cause the game don't wait
Keep moving at full pace sent a few grams
Outta state made a few grand an some
Change henny on ice KK henny on ice KK
Yea you can come over late but bae say you can not stay
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Work Is BAE Lyrics

CAM30 – Work Is BAE Lyrics

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