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Where It All Comes From Lyrics

Cam Meekins – Where It All Comes From Lyrics

I don't know where it all comes from
You got me stuck yeah you got me stuck
You got a lot of attitude that I love
You got a lot for me just give me some

[Verse 1: Cam Meekins]
Watch the sun come up I'm on my window sill
Thinking damn life's great like a hundred dollar bill
That you finding on the street
I walked into the street with the shoes laced tight and
My ear I hear this beat and
I'm thinking about the shit that I got into last night
Gotta put it all back together got to make things right
Cause girl I love you there ain't really nothing else above you
Come through and we can make it high just like the sun dew
I couldn't believe that she wasn't feeling me before
Now that I've been on tour she been ready to start a war
Ever second that I'm spending with her I'm hoping will never end
She introduced me to her friends and they all a perfect, 10
So with the homies man we have a good time
It's the summer and you know that I had to put it in a rhyme yeah
I'm with the homies and we having a good time man its the summer
Everything is fine


[Verse 2: Cam Meekins]
My second verse is like our love it gets better with time
I'm wondering if you will be mine, umm
I'll make it simply we can go and see a movie
If you into rolling doobies then you should roll with yours, truly
Cause last summer we were just a fling
Now I'm wondering if we can be the real thing yeah
Nobody else is going to make that shit happen
Remember when I put that number on that napkin yeah
Know its real you really know its real
So come and chill girl tell me what's the deal
I got a lot of people that depend on me
So come and kick it in my bed room and just bend on me

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