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Next Time (Gabrielle) Lyrics

Cam Meekins – Next Time (Gabrielle) Lyrics

[Verse 1: Cam Meekins]
I fell asleep with an angel, her name was Gabrielle
I could tell we had chemistry, when we bonded the [?] was hell and the devil would pull me deeper
I sit inside of my Jeep when I was 17, dreaming about this, they see through the peep hole
So many people didn't believe that I had it, this passion
But she would bleed it, this magic
She had my back and in fact it would have us too if she knew that I felt this way
But she live in another city so all I can do is pray
I grew up around the way where cold nights would make memories
Thoughts became enegy
Friends became enemies
What I would do to make it was greater than the relationship
And now I'm lonely, I chose that she couldn't take this shit
That frozen feeling you get when you have no options
The struggle to make a living would trump over any problem the bottle would help
I tried to find her but inside her I'm finding myself
My lies probably got me killed
But how would you feel if you knew that you're causing your own misery
I don't have opportunity like you Cameron, now stick with me
My parents, they don't get it, I'm sick of just even living
Sometimes I don't wanna wake up when I go to sleep
I know people got expectations of how I'm supposed to do this
But you can't understand it cause you're too into your music
You don't let the pressure hit you like it does to me
You're always with some other girls and that just fucks with me
I wanna make it work but lately I've been feeling like it only hurts
And the best parts about this don't always outweigh the negatives
And if we start from scratch in this game then I'll just get played again
I know we both got demons, I see them
But that dress you wore is pure like the Garden of Eden
It's probably best you know I still remember
It was end of November, I was trying to get a deal but I didn't get no looks
But we hit it off, making memories to put into these little songs
Somewhere along the road I got into a little fog
Aw, I mean I'm sure that we could work it out
You know I never liked you rapping when you're showing off
And I see you acting hard but Cam I know you soft
So I hung up on the phone with her and told her off
Cause it's just me against the world and I'mma show 'em all

[Hook: Geoffro Cause]
It's just the way it goes
When I'm out here only torn between two roads
Next time I'll come your way, next time I'll come your way
It's just the way it goes
We're not on the map and your home is nowhere close
Next time I'll come your way, next time
Now, it's all bottling up
I guess that you meant more to me than a legacy
The way it goes
When we're far away, gotta deal with this alone
Next time I'll come your way, next time, next time

[Verse 2: Avenue]
Ay yo, only if you knew the daily price amount I have to pay
Always in the stu' working, I missed so many Saturdays
Tryna balance passion, ignore the fact it might have to wait
Culture vulture attacking, they know that I'm just a track away
Seen so much, had to turn it into a story
More importantly, I made all of my struggles glory
Chandeliers helped me appreciate what was standing before me
Jordan 4's [?]
Hoodie up to no good, we was only teens
Reality was our light and paid shows was only dreams
But now look at us
Without a dollar when we started
Drop independent and charter the industry's cops and robbers and we robbing shit
Singing "Lost Without You" like I'm Robin Thicke
A compliment, when friends talk about me, you still acknowledge it
I hope to see you soon, probably reach the moon before I do
By the way I had a son born a month before June
Let's grab lunch this afternoon and do some catching up
Still like your burgers well-done with extra ketchup on it
You laughed and couldn't believe I remembered your preference or made an effort
When you called I was too busy to pick up so you left a message
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