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Bang Lyrics

Cam Meekins – Bang Lyrics


Most of these rappers is Swiss cheese
By-weekly income is six G's
By-weekly girlfriend she goes both ways
Drinking and smoking it ain't no-thing
If you get caught you're just doing it wrong
Fucking good, might put you in a song
Blain [?] got the woods, Imma grab the bong
Most days she in no pants, just a thong
Dog, this year is mine
This here is a dime
I used to have to stand in line
But I'm trying to be the best fucking rapper alive
I been on my grind like in Tony Hawk 2
I'm just trying to shine like a Pontiac too
Reason, my Logic and Pro Tools
Started out in Garage Band with no stu'
Y'all try to flow with me
Try to do shows with me
But I eat you like ChexMix
Your girl try to go with me
Try to blow with me
She go on my sex list
And I still got haters
Every single day trying to get this paper
Bitches send texts while they sitting in class
Got girls like a joint, just hit it and pass
And it's dope to boast
Leave rappers like Einstein, homie it's toast
Ball so hard like "fuck the coach"
Rolling OZ's while you puff the roach
Can't get enough of this rap shit
Everything I spit is a goddamn classic
Everywhere I go, all these fucking shows
All these fucking hoes
Doing gymnastics
Holy shit it's crazy
The flexibility like I live in the '80s
Trying to make a million like fuck you faking
Imma keep going ham until I turn to bacon
Jesus Christ I gotta keep killing verses
Pussy sweet I eat it up like Hershey's
Son'd you all like I put you in a nursery
Stories from the green-line where they birthed me
She love it when the base knocks
Y'all going out to the same spots
Got a big ass crib that I never attend
And for the last few months my car's been in the same spot


I couldn't fit that line in
But Imma never stop rapping until I'm dyin'
I got the drive and the heart of a lion
And if I ain't in Boston then I'm flyin'
But I turn up for that bean it's my inspiration
I be getting high like installations
Bars off the top this is just the basics
Just wait for the album when I rip the bases

Lamp City
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