I guess some things really do happen for a reason
Its crazy

[Verse 1: Calvin Ross]
Blind, I guess i was
Loosing my mind
Thought it was love
So long, to this world yeahh
Tripping, only because

I used to trust you, yeahhh
I used to love you, Yeahhh
"I used to love ya"

[Verse 2: Calvin Ross]
Can you tell me what happened
Where did we go wrong
What happened to actions
They speak louder than words
I need to see it
Is you tryna change
Steady telling lies
And now you wanna blame it all on me
Like i've been doing so wrong
And now you wanna try to fight it
Like its not the end

I used to trust you, yeahh (I used to trust ya)
I used to love you, yeahh (I used to love you)
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Lost Love Lyrics

Calvin Ross – Lost Love Lyrics

Songwriters: Calvin Ross
Lost Love lyrics © TUNECORE INC

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