I was born looking upwards on February 23
After studying I became a rapper
My family is big, we're eight in my house
And the lower middle class gets no social aid

It's normal that you don't like my behavior,
Specially after the governor took my mom's job
I unburden myself with my honest lyrics
So I won't end up blowing up the White House

My rhymes make you nervous and tense
I make you eat when you're not hungry
I mix what I see with my melodies
I tell you what the newspapers won't

It's the age of independent music,
My label is not Sony, my label is the people
My followers all listen to my message,
That's why the defend me with naked fists

Calm down, people, here I am
I say what you don't say
I feel what you feel
'Cause I'm like you and you're like me

You're offended by what I write?
I'm offended by your playback and live dubbing
I'm offended when you bribe radio stations
With money so they'll play your songs

Not even the Beatles had four songs
Playing all day in radio stations
A cross-eyed man could see that,
You sell because you buy your own albums

Don't say it's not true, they offered me to do the same
Half of the artist should be in jail
I'm not offended by your calling me a nutcase
You say little because you know little

Calm down people... (etc)

I use the enemy, nobody controls me
I attack the "gringos" and coca cola finances me
I'm the rotten fruit in the basket
Adidas doesn't use me, I use adidas

I am different, I enter through the back door,
I infiltrate the system and explode from the inside
All I say is like Aikido
I use my enemy's strength against him

Take off your suit, your skirt and your t-shirt
Set aside labels and company names
Use your naked anger to change the world
Honesty needs no clothes or make-up

Don't tell me about the cartels or the Sopranos,
The greatest mafia lives in the Vatican
With the trick of faith they fuck the people
They fuck anyone who thinks different

They don't fuck me, I believe in what I choose
I believe in people and in my country
I believe that those who point at me
Fear me because I don't fear them.

Calm down people... (etc.)
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Calma Pueblo Lyrics

Calle 13 – Calma Pueblo Lyrics

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