Ride Slow (Cruising by the lights in a stretch limo)
Ride Slow (Use the moment at hand to let all your stress go)
Ride Slow (Sexy in your dress let your body flow)
Ride Slow (Kissing intoxicated as we're riding slow)

Verse 1: (SynClair)

Dressed in a black suit ready to please you,
Take my time slowly intruiging you,
Must confess we must touch before the night is through
With that dress you're mighty fine
Seductive to my mind
Just us enjoying our time
Carefree sipping on wine
Ride Slow...


Verse 2: (G.a.m.a)

Right below the red light is green for go
You can't enjoy fast, well, I'd rather have you by me slow
Love having you wrapped around my elbow
I am a muscial fellow
Lay you down and make you start producing notes like a cello
Let's go deep in the business now
Love the way I put it down
Or the way I don't put you down
'Cause your feet are off the ground
Your head and the wall create bass, yeah
I make the beat sound
Made love slow so you remember what was going down
Did it slow because you can't handle fast
Anyway it goes
... I love to have you by me slow,
Riding slow.

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Ride Slow Lyrics

Calevolution – Ride Slow Lyrics