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Slide Lyrics

Caleb Giles – Slide Lyrics

Uh, can't you feel it?
The spirit movin', the sound that's nobody hearin'
But you can see by the signs that I been given
The time that I put in this, ebonics we really tearin' up
Y'all niggas did enough, but it's time now
The tide's down, divvy up all for the light now
We write style all with the stroke of a pen
You hide your lies on me from the moment I walked in
Floatin', now I'm all in, hopin' that we all coast
From the bricks and the coal, keep the stratagems here
Mad at them near cause my glass ceiling's staring right back
And Miss Cleo fight for me but I can't fight back
Stuck in winter, summer, kickin', dustup
Bitches, numbers, trippin', fuck it, divots double
Sippin', lookin for a humble win if it's close
Hear the winds, you can hear that he's close in the warm air
Stone bears, lords forced in the crosshairs
Run across here, you run the risk of assault, yeah
Cause you know I'm takin' all shares in this scope
Like it's offshore shares and its cold from the dirt day
Hate when I win, love when I'm gettin' nil
But hate never shakes, love's gonna get you killed
I play different, can't trust niggas in the field through the spine
Legs creepin' when it's dinnertime, niggas rise
For my brothers if it's like that
Been to corners right back, on the nine
Albany, anywhere, I'mma find that
On my mind, enemy, really tryna define that
I won't sink but I won't have it, I won't panic
I know fire burnin' slow, lettin' me grow, that's just a goal
Feelin' in my soul when I'm tearin' it up like this
If it's a fork in the road, I'mma trust my wits
And I'll keep straight, down to lose a friend for the peace sake
I been losin' sleep for the dream sake
Like I'm movin' Z's for the green sake
Never been a fiend for the cheap shake
God been blessin' my heart lately but this feel different
Still slippin', still fallin' but I feel lifted
Still bitches, still callin' but he still gifted
Dissin' em, flows rain but it still drippin' outside
Son came just to deal with 'em, folks chatter
No matter, I can still hear them
Hope shatters, fake address if you real, nigga
No matter the goals, niggas finna reap what I sow
If it's sleet, if it's snow, I'mma still get it
Still trippin' the coat bobs on the still liquor
Roll spliff and hope cellars filled with clips, nigga
Clock tick and ain't shit changed
Finna hit my bro right now about coppin' that hood dank

Yeah, I'm fuckin' faded
God damn
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