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Impatient Lyrics

Caleb Giles – Impatient Lyrics

I feel sick of waitin' and missin’ payments
And missin' love (love) while niggas hatin'
If it’s a flood (flood), y'all end and dated
The end is a fire (flood) and tribulation
I feel location, feel the water move in different places
Like me when I was young, we always moved to new locations
When I was ripe with hunger, stealin' from the store was basic
Then walkin' back to Linden, watchin' niggas home from they crib
Been chasin' bare Franklin faces to part the wind of darkness
Shit upon my shoulder, feel bolder when niggas rock with him
When I was pocketwatchin', the bro was talkin', he dropped a ten
I picked that money up and then help him look like he lost a friend
It’s slimy, yeah I know, but my past gon make me grow
Lookin’ taller in that mirror when I told her "Let me go"
I said I know my path gon twist and turn
My friends think that I'm different
I’m workin' hard cause this is all I know

Wake up to the days where relations
Patience is the key to mistake on
And they gon hate you anyway
Make them watch when you say
Grace on any plate you ate on
Temptation at my door in my basement
Tiptoein', hope the lord ain't awake up
Been sowin’ all these seeds of regret
Talkin' green, talkin' hoes, talk is cheap when you pressed
Never been afraid cause the next man's minute made
And the next man stressed when his minute fade
But I'm blessed, shoot me down if I falter in any way
Been livin' wrong for too many days
Different plays, different drama, different states
Same karma that I thought I lost in the maze
Taking names, still move how I wanna
Unwise cause I ain't learn from the summer
Bet I been workin' a comeup, bet I been...
That ain't workin', hol' up
Hell I been hurtin, hell I been...
Hell I been searchin' from under
Til my pen burst, burn the rubber, naw what?
From my first verse til I'm under
Lookin' for a way, fuck, lookin' for a page, fuck, lookin' for...
This rappin' umbrella when it...
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