Drop a stack to this track, yea... You might as well
Cuz they know I'm gettin money it aint hard to tell
I'm the best just confess that I'm hot as hell
I'm the best just confess that I'm hot as hell


New tats and you know I'm chillin in the air
Hella racks cuz I'm gettin money over there
It don't make sence but it make dollers
So much cash that my cat gotta daimond coller
I'm on another leval, like a shape shifter
And we bout to make it snow like ya up in whistler
Mountain view 2 six and some bomb purp
And you know I'm buyin land when I'm on earth
North face jacket, it's freezin in my city
And I'm walkin on ice like wayne gretzky
When I'm on the grind, your girlfriend interrupts me
On her mind all the time, so she always text me
Western hemisphere, sippin belvidere
So if you aint gettin money, get the hell from here
That robert greene shit,
I can teach you niggas how to think and grow rich

Chorus x2

We got dat royal money, Like I'm spoiled money
Cuz I'm fuckin wit them stocks and the oil money
And the fact is your never gonna sell well
You wanna rap but you should do something the hells else
These niggas fake as hell, when the numbers low
They wanna hate... But when you win, they say I told you
Wanna know what I think of me compared to you?
Your in the hood, I'm ocean front you can't compare the
You wanna kno the rest, I might tell you later, I'm why
There's no 13 on your elevater
On the hella vater with your ex check, gettin play,
Land lord with a lexus
My chains like saturn, and my rings pluto, you. F. O's on
Deck, flip em like it's judo
Weight like sumo, hot like reno, I'm wit a girl on a
Yacht down in peurto rico

Chorus x2
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Hot As Hell Lyrics

Caine – Hot As Hell Lyrics