Thank God for an empty glass
That I gotta fill up whenever I’m thirsty.
Thank God for the leaves in the backyard
Showing me the world won’t ever stop spinning.
Thank God for losing my keys
Cause I had to walk around and soak up the sunlight.
Crazy - were crying our eyes out
Never gonna hide cause life will find you red-handed.
Life catches you red-handed.
Thank God for what I got to lose
Cause it’s keeping my head away from the clouds.
I’m glad for the gum stuck on my shoes
Cause I’d rather have my feet set on the ground.
I’m proud of the time I lost my mind
Cause I knew just what I had as soon as I found it.
Thank God for a pile of ashes
Showing us the power and the spark of the match.
We’re red-handed.
Life catches you red-handed.
Look at us we’re red-handed.
Well I guess we’re red-handed.
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Red-Handed Lyrics

Cady Groves – Red-Handed Lyrics