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How I Feel Lyrics

Cadence – How I Feel Lyrics

Tam, I love you so much
Damn, your touch
You're the best
Believe me
With you I'm blessed

You always helped me with any problems that I had
If it wasn't for you I could have winded up dead
I love you, gave you my heart for free
Now my friends almost hate me
Sitting on the bed and thinkin about my life
Thinkin about the future
The one where you walk away from my life
I hate it when we fight
It; s like I can se no mo light
My heart darkens
But I ain't never giving up
Every week I see you
Every day I kiss you
I hug you
I adore you
I miss you
Yeah I fuckin love you
You make me feel so happy
Everyday with you is a gift
A gift from god to me
I realized I love you so much when you left me
Every night in the bed crying
Thinkin was it my mistake?
Man seriously it felt like dying
I begged you everyday to come back to me
Cause that's the only way you set me free
Being with you, that's the way I wanted to be
Then you called me and told me if I wanted you back
Man of course I wanted you, my life without you is a wreck
Even though you left me, I just thanked you for coming back
But I just ask myself
Was it you, or was it me?
But I don't really care anymore
Cause it's meant to be
I love you so much girl
You'll always be in my heart

And it seems like we're doing fine right now
I hope we stay together,
I love you and even though you don't think you're beautiful, you're wrong. You are beautiful. Keep ya head up girl.
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