Last night I fell
Ding dong dang
In a red glass of vine
I mean a glass
Of red vine
And I saw double
It was hard yeah
Ding dong dang
Try to walk walk straight
Somebody swore
That saw me
Trying to fly away

What did I do
Je suis perdu

A cabaret,
Ding dong dang
Style cotton club
With nonchalance
I felt like
Josephine baker
Lazy -crazy-blue

Drinking champagne
Ding dong dang
Smoking cigarettes
I had the chance
To ding dong dang
Meet Mr "the man"

After a quick
My name don't forget
Drink after drink
Mr man and I
Were cheek to cheek

Under a voluble sky
Mr man by my side
Today I sing the blues
I think that last night I feel
In a red glass of wine
I mean a glass of red wine
But I'm not so sure

I ding ding ding dong dang
Sophisticated lady
Chic and lazy
So drunk and blue
Drunk and blue
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Ding Dong Dang Charleston Lyrics

Cabaret Noir – Ding Dong Dang Charleston Lyrics