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Ghetto Boy Lyrics

C-murder – Ghetto Boy Lyrics

Ghetto boy
Just a lil' Ghetto Boy

A lil', a lil', a lil', a lil', a lil', a lil'
Just a lil' ghetto boy x4

A million dollars don't mean shit to me
I'm from the streets with a hard hittin slang Ghetto D
Nigga and still makin moves with a sick click
Trick fuck a bitch, I gank with my dick
A young nigga from tha hood, it's all good
When I represent my city, I'm suckin on a bitch titty
And red alazay and 50 blunts rolled up
You wanna hit, then muthafucka hold up
Slow ya roll, get yo bank rolled, ain't it cold
I been slangin', since I was 10 years old
A lil' skinny muthafucka packin guns fuck a toy
Nigga, I'm just a lil' ghetto boy

Chorus x4

I'm just a ghetto boy, uptown rebel boy
Hot boy, fifty thousand dollar watch boy
These ghetto jails come from out of my grill
Ain't nuthin changed still bout that murder murder, kill kill
Into ghetto bitches, ghetto rides, ghetto wars
Ghetto food, got ghetto ways, I guess I'm just a ghetto star
I still hang on the set from time to time
Might slang a dime or two, just to remind the crew
Still ghetto keep a rag on my face
Representin' the place, I was talkin' grace
From bad news, you probably caught me bustin at fools
I keep it ghetto like bitches with baby daddy tatoos

Chorus x4

I'm ghetto like pissin in the streets smokin weed
Like hangers on tv or roaches crawling up your sleeve
Me, run with a mighty click, conglamorate sick
Leave haters on respirators, when this shit get thick
Bitch, I'm more ghetto than a high school drop out
When them hoes be fightin and they titty pop out
Don't make me pull tha glok out, n' pop tha teeth out cha mouth
I'm comin' out the south, that mess is what we bout

I'm ghetto like yo sister, thirteen with two baby daddies
Ol' school caddy, fuckin cluckers in alleys
Ignorant, like you know nigga been this, you all up in it
Kinda like tha free clinic, ghetto like No Limit

Chorus x4

Nigga, check this out
I'm ghetto like a motherfuckin roaches crawlin in a nigga cornflakes nigga
I'm ghetto like gettin a motherfuckin extension on your light bill
No, I'm ghetto like puttin a motherfuckin phone bill in your baby name fool
Naah, fuck all that
I'm ghetto like Gotti gimps

Ha ha ha
Naah naah nigga fuck that
Nigga I'm ghetto like using motherfuckin hangers
On tv's for antennas with spawn on the end nigga
Nigga nigga nigga
I'm ghetto like using mayonaise jars for glasses nigga
Hold up, check this out
Nigga I'm ghetto like egg sandwiches nigga
Hold up, hold up, check this out
Nigga, I'm ghetto like black clack of bedroom sets nigga
Hold up, you know what?
I'm ghetto like a nigga gettin burnt by the same hoe twice, ya heard me?
Nigga that's ghetto nigga
Ha ha ha ha

[Big Boz]
Nigga check it out
I'm ghetto like a black ass bitch wearin blue ass contacts
Nigga, I'm ghetto like a motherfucka
Using water in his cereal instead of milk
I'm ghetto like baby powder on your chest nigga
I'm ghetto like catchin a whoopin in a grocery store
Like a fuckin public defender, or ashy knees
Fuckin ramen noodle, fat hoes in spandex
Or playin on the bench with a booger in your nose nigga
Ha ha ha
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