Gossip is a common feeling
"The Grapevine" is picked a lot
I've lived with both for two long summers
No info's ever "on the dot."
I've been hearing about a girlfriend
I never found out who she was
If there's to be any information
I've got to find it through the fuzz
*Just between you and me
You've got something to tell
I wanna get it all
Before the lights go out
Just between you and me
A real pact needs to be made
"Don't tell, don't tell" my way to info (Now!)
Just between you and me
You've got something to tell*
If "The Grapevine" is the road to the truth
Grape juice is the promised drink
I'm reaching out in my ignorance
I'm longing to hear what you think
So, I'm sorry if what I said's not true
For I've misled a friend
We have gossip that's good to share
And sharing I will defend
In my pursuit of truth I thirst for my "sources"
As I approach Melvin I must consider this
Info that's untrue will spread like wildfire
Before I go to him, common sense is retired
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The Grapevine Lyrics

Butchie Boys – The Grapevine Lyrics