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Rapper Lyrics

Busdriver – Rapper Lyrics

One two
It's like this
Come on
Back in the days when I was a teenager
Had Myka 9 sprayed on a screensaver
Looking exactly like I just smoked a green acre
Got that information like it was data
One two, let's go, uh
One more time
I'll do it
I got the memoirs and the rental cars
Spray a homie just with a simple ten bar
Verse or two, I will curse your crew
From Leimert, fool
I hand them ? with the two twisted fingers
I want to linger, the rap singer looks like Deborah Winger
Dead ringer, web slinger
Dead up in the street fool
On Crenshaw smoking menthols with choo-choo
All you niggas get the juju
My name is like flow, Joe
You don't know bro
I'm from the Blowed dojo
You're so-so
Fuck them niggas, they don't know bro
I said this shit with the language splice
When it come through her
You ain't a half a slice
From the afterlife
God, the hazard lights look exactly like twinkling stars
Wanna mingle with the bars, yo
I look exactly like Grand Poobah
They know that they got the blind doobah
All of you niggas don't know what to do bruh
I am a rapper, young whippersnapper
Jive master
Always live on the master
A telecaster from (?)
Los Angeles serve the niggas on the turf though
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