Every mile makes me feel so far away.
You are the only thing that helps me sleep at night.
Another city and I tell you that we're on our way.
I know I used to think that you were by my side.
You have changed and I know that so have I.
This is the only way for me to say goodbye.
Another week and we'll be in the same bed at night.
If that's too far from now i'll have to cut my ties.
Just because I'm so alone; doesn't mean I can't miss home.
I'm tired of crying, tired of sleeping alone.
If this is how you want it, I am moving on.
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Vanilla Sky Lyrics

Bury Your Dead – Vanilla Sky Lyrics

Songwriters: Brendan Alexander MacDonald, Mark Edward Castillo, Matthew Robert Bruso
Vanilla Sky lyrics © Another Victory Publishing

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