Face down lying on the floor. lash out at me and I went two rounds with you. you always knew the score. I'm not keeping track anymore. cause I've waited long enough for this to work out. I realize now I'm through with you. I don't need you anymore. I left a note signed by the door. sincerely i. write one last time. jaw clenched, staring down the hall. I knew I had to just be through with you. but to your face I'll say. everything I wrote that day. and I'll gladly make it clear to you. I want us to never speak again. I wrote in pen "no lies". and just signed it with my eyes. I never though I'd follow through. we've been part of this for so long now. you always said you wanted more. and I swear to you. this time I found my way to set the score. one last time

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Sincerely I Lyrics

Burns Out Bright – Sincerely I Lyrics