Suffering from my own demons
Where there's no feelings, there can't be pain

Where there's no trust, there's no betrayal
Where your taught not to care, all that grows inside is hate.
Where their solution is violence, violence is your escape

Suffering my own demons.Take a good look at what you've done to me
Left alone, so i'll stay alone

When you don't open up, there's nothing inside to break
And if you let no one close,there's no one to push away
So take a good look at what youve done to me
Left alone, so i'll stay alone and in myself I'll believe
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Numb Lyrics

Buried Alive – Numb Lyrics

Songwriters: Jessie E Muscato, Joseph Orlando, Matthew T Roberts, Scott Sprigg, Scott C Vogel
Numb lyrics © Another Victory Publishing

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