Bastard, I know you well
You are, what I create
Born by an evil spell
Forgotten pain, rising in me

Galleries of untamed lust
Blinded by my blackened mind
No one, I could trust
I feel nothing, except hatred

Nightmares almost every day
I lost control of my soul
Trying to forget my lie
I invite him, helpless-Insane

I remind my past and see
The dying face killed by myself
The people I murdered appear
In my dreams and fantasies

Visions from an inexact time
Showing the revenge of my mysterious shape
Madness surround my thoughts every day
The resurrection of my avenger has begun

Der Tod ist kein furchbares Geheimnis
Er ist dir und mir wohlbekannt
Er birgt keine undergrьndlichen Geheimnisse
Die den Schlaf eines guten Menschen stцren kцnnten
Wende dein Antlitz nicht von I'm ab
Fьchrte ihn night, denn er ist nicht dein Herr
Auch wenn er immer schneller die entgegeneilt
Nicht dein Herr, sondern ein Diener deines Schцpfers
Der den Tod genauso erschaffen hat wie dich
Und Er, dein Gott, ist das einzige Geheimnis

Lying in my bed I hear a noise
After that a terrifying voice
Realising pain night in my heart
Darkness all around me, see his
Threatening, red eyes

Fresh blood runs over my shivering skin
I seize the knife with power from my heart
I try to reach him but how can that be
Nothing's there but I hold the real
Knife in my hand

Bastard, oh my god, you are so real
Your energy and power I can feel
Agony and pain you mean to me
Your hate is like my hate, you are
Always like me

I slowly recover my consciousness
And the knife, it is the blade I used
I murdered him with this weapon years ago
Threatening red eyes, he is real again

Creators dark servant is coming nearer
His glittering eyes catch my soul
His burning hand embraces my heart
He's taking me to hell, I get what I deserve
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Paradox Reality Lyrics

Burden Of Grief – Paradox Reality Lyrics