I think I am a little kid, and I think I'm full of life
I think I am a hero, and I save the world from lies
I think I have the power, and I use it for the right
But I think that there is evil, and it's deep inside of my mind
I think I am beautiful, and I thing I'm nasty, too
I think I am affectionate, although I think that I am bad
I don't know what's the answer, there is always right or wrong
Don't understand, don't understand, what's real in my whole life
I am all alone in this world, and no one hears my cries
I don't know why must we die
I run away, but I can not escape, desolation and despair
I run away, I run away, but the path is never ending - I cry, I cry it out
I think I am the daylight, but in my mind is always night
I thing my brain is healthy, and I think my brain is sick
I think I am in fire, but my soul is freezing cold
I think I am divinity, and I think I thought too much
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Engaged With Destiny Lyrics

Burden Of Grief – Engaged With Destiny Lyrics