Fears fuelled by media more lies to hide
Who's the most greediest
Killing us for cash like there competing
So there accounts increase while we're depleting

Seems all we can do now is sing another youth buried this week senseless
Are we all so weak to add to the confusion want carve a solution but out future
Looks bleak!

We not involved in no form of two faced reason
No gun, Guinness and weed is our ammunition
We stay smart and avoid go to prison
Never ignorant getting goals accomplished
Don't let it stop you when bridges get demolished
They try dim your shine, we keep it polished!
Lo ven cabrones

I have no love to share with frienemy or two faced fake
Can't dilute my thinking with falls figured of how my peoples sinking
But I overstand
I'm in this fight
And for my lbu family I do what's right

System turn cistern stench of rot thickening
To serve as a reminder to never let go
To never allow them to make you run slow
While you put us down I see our goal

Yeah fuck them I only have trust for my brothers and sisters, enough respect!

Neasden to Beckton stockwell to cro
These are some ends where true souljah's grow
Essex to pa Tounai to Glasgow, Europe to Peru and Puerto Rico
Hardcore soldados Y soldadas worldwide you get all my respect

Bless, perucho's ready
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Peruchos Tale Lyrics

Bun Dem Out – Peruchos Tale Lyrics