So here we are
Weapons in arms
Army of noise has come to destroy
We will not fall
Brothers in arms
We will deploy our army
An army of noise

Anticipation we're on the attack
Just keep pushing forward
There's no turning back
There is a tension that hangs in the air
So take a deep breath
There's no time to be scared
Lights out, fistraised
Adrenaline rushing infecting our veins
Now feel the heat as the temperature spikes
Bodies are thrashing the fire ignites

We're gonna watch it burn
Let it turn to dust

Behold the madness
Such a beautiful sight
It will never get old
Here's to chaos tonight

Embrace the noise letit rip through your brain
A legion of snakes that are shedding their skin
A new aggression is starting to breed
There's no holding back
Are you ready to bleed
Scream out, eyes wide
A venomous mainline infects you inside
So feel the sound as it pounds in your chest
Eardrums exploding bodies possessed

Were laying down our souls
Lay them down to rest
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Army Of Noise Lyrics

Bullet For My Valentine – Army Of Noise Lyrics

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