Klister - he's a dirty maniac
Klister - a sexual neurotic
Klister - he once bought
Klister - a rubber syringe
Klister - he wanders around
Klister - looks for an ass
Klister - he's ready to pour
Klister - the liquid inside
He bothers the girls touching their ass
He never got fucked at all
Always refused he never surrenders
He wants to succeed he wants to deflower
Klister - he's mental insane
Klister - his parents mad
Klister - he hides in his room
Klister - a ton of porn magazines
Klister - rotten inside
Klister - takes off his pants
Klister - holds it in the hand
Klister - and runs all the times
The enema is the dream of his life
He waits for the shitty inundation
Makes the girl swim in the mud
But first she needs a real golden shower
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Rob "Klister" Lyrics

Bulldozer – Rob "Klister" Lyrics