The sky was blue and the day was calm,
Just a little girl not doin' any harm,
Three years old, daddys' pride and joy,
A perfect picture that some bastard had to destroy.

A little girl snatched in broad daylight,
She was too young to put up a fight,
An emotional plea for her safe return,
As the nation weeps 'Oh when will we learn?

Paedophile, Paedophile,
Paedophile, you're so fucking vile.

Some days later it was on the news,
Her little body found it was battered and bruised,
What kind of an animal could have done this?
Some kind of pervert that should not exist.

At the parents mourn the loss of their daughter,
Some plastic politician condemns the slaughter,
But they put more queers on the T.V everyday,
So our kids are conditioned to think they're O.K.
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Paedophile Lyrics

Bulldog Breed – Paedophile Lyrics

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